about us

Ryan Elizabeth Photography 


Surfer, craftsman, entrepreneur.  Mike has  always moved to the beat of his own drum.  After several years working as a carpenter and taxi driver in the summer at the Jersey Shore, Mike put most of his hard earned money towards surf trips around the world.  Ironically, it was on an otherwise casual trip alone through Indonesia that he realized that working like a madman to support his travel habit was not sustainable.

He returned stateside with a vengeance. After several frustrating months trying to find a way to make additional income, Mike realized that he needed to create something of his own!

He wanted to make something universally appreciated, timeless, and wholesome; something that made people feel good inside and out.  He wanted something tactile that invigorated the senses. Candles and soap seemed to check all of these boxes, and he had always loved a fresh new candle or a really fantastic bar of soap. And so he began, and in the early spring of 2019, Mike took the small amount of money he had and decided to start Lovelight Handmade.


Skier, creative, adventurer. Olivia, has been intrigued by Lovelight from its inception, albeit from the sidelines at first. It was Olivia's contagious enthusiasm and love for pottery, that was responsible for Lovelights early shift from glass candle containers to custom hand-built pottery vessels.

Olivia spent a lot of time in her mothers pottery studio growing up, which is now the Lovelight Handmade studio. Olivia wanted to weave sustainability into our platform of candle making, thus creating the unique half-dipped candles which have now become our trademark.  With a keen eye for design, Olivia can be credited for the beautiful, rough & earthy aesthetic of Lovelight Handmade. She is the yin to Mike's yang, and the secret glue that holds it all together! 

Our Mission

Lovelight is driven to be a positive business role model in our community & beyond.  For us to do this, sustainability & social consciousness must continually be at the core of our decision making. 

We understand that everything has an impact.  From the vendors we select, to reducing waste we emit, every choice bears both a social & environmental consequence. We believe that why we make is as important as what we make.  We don't offer a product to be used & disposed of, but to be enjoyed for life.  We work with you to make sure that when your candle is finished, you can refill the same vessel with us for a fraction of what a new candle costs.